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Beginners PMU Courses

Tailor made 1-2-1 courses

Sabrina Armour presents a tailor made 1-2-1 courses for complete beginners to learn the art of permanent make up whether it be eyebrows, eyeliner, lips or all 3 treatment areas.

With inhouse tailormade training which you can choose from 3-5 days practical training to suit your needs and 2 weeks theory. This is the longest in-house training that the UK has to offer.

Ran by herself Sabrina Armour who is an internationally awarded educator.

After analysing microblading and permanent makeup courses that are offered in the market… Sabrina has restructured the way to learn this wonderful art by ensuring that all courses are tailormade to always suit the student needs. It is a method that works better than traditional group classes.

Innovative and different. We’ve structured the course so that the time invested in learning is equivalent to the investment required to understand art.

£1600 - £1800

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Please see below the earning potential for new clients on an average of £200 per client. (Please bear in mind this is an average. Some treatments can vary depending on procedure of new clients and top ups. New procedures can cost up to £180-£350 whilst top ups can also range from £100-£200. This depends on location and experience of practitioner.

Potential Earnings

Beginners PMU Courses

Course Price
£1,600 (3 days with kit)
£1,800 (4 days with kit)
Course Finance
Course Location
Course Times
3-4 days practical
4 weeks home study
Course Level
Level 3

Potential Earnings

Treatments per week
Treatment Price
Weekly Earnings
Monthly Earnings
Annual Earnings

The benefits of investing into permanent makeup.

Being your own boss: Being your own boss has many benefits which include but aren’t limited to open ended career progression, Greater sense of satisfaction, diverse learning experience and being apart of a great forever growing industry.
Better work/life balance: This means you can work in your own time, around your family, giving you a lot more ‘me time’ so you can create a better wellness for yourself and everyone around you.
Potential to earn up to £500 per day: When you start your permanent makeup career you’ll notice within a few months how quickly you’ll be able to turn around £250-500 per day depending on your will to succeed.
Emotionally rewarding career: You’ll be helping people feel better about themselves or helping those who have had medical difficulties and giving them more confidence again.

Student reviews:

Ellie Williams – Wales: I completed my microblading training with Sabrina, she was very professional and took her time to ensure I understood everything she was explaining and teaching me. Sabrina is easy to get on with and is very friendly, she made me feel comfortable.

The training was extremely educational, and Sabrina explains everything in fine detail, her knowledge in this subject is incredible. I was so impressed by this, i have decided to complete my machine brow training with Sabrina also. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my training. Thank you so much for all your help and support!


Edyta Sieja – Bristol: I really recommend Sabrina’s trainings I’ve finished my microblading training and my work looks great now. I can say she is a very good teacher, all thoroughly explained, lots of material and theory.

During the training, she observes and breaks out any mistakes during your work. My work now it’s on absolutely definitely level – I feel so confident that I take a part in a microblading competition at The Championship only couple months after our training. Now I’m doing another training with her -ombré and I can’t wait to do lips.

Microblading training procedure

Course Entry Requirements

You do not need to have any prior experience or a beauty background but must have a steady hand and the will to succeed. The course will take you from complete novice to a fully confident, certified practitioner in PMU treatments.

Before your course attendance,  you will be required to take an online blood bourne pathogens course. This is not included in your course cost. The course is online and costs £24.95  + VAT.

Day 1: On the first day we will be covering most of the theory that you have already done to ensure that you are confident with the knowledge that you have gained.

After lunch we will be going through the patterns and shading techniques and then applying the pattern to latex.

Day 2: Demonstration model and practical model.

Day 3: Latex and practical model.

(Optional Day 4)This is for those who would like to really master their time efficiently and have as much practice as possible with Sabrina. This will involve a day where you will be able to go through any theory that you are uncertain of and also the chance to work on more models depending on how quickly you pick up the pattern and knowledge.

(Optional) BONUS DAY: Whether you take a 3 or 4 day course you will also have the option to take an extra day with Sabrina where you can come in to the clinic and shadow her and her staff who will be able to help you with any questions to help kick start your career. Sabrina has developed this course to give you all the tools necessary to start up a successful business.

Accreditation & Insurance

You will receive a certificate of attendance from Sabrina Armour permanent cosmetics and aesthetics upon adequate completion of the course. Beginners PMU course is fully insured and accredited by IPHM and Insync.

To apply for insurance through Sabrina’s training please click here: https://bit.ly/3oE0L1d

Insync Insurance, Albany Park, 9 Cabot Lane, Poole, BH17 7AZ

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