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Blush / Full Lip Masterclass

Tattooing lips is a complex procedure and slightly different from eyebrows and eyeliner due to the changes of skin and undertone on the mucosa so precision training is crucial to be able to create the best healed results.

There are many artistic aspects to this technique so does require some experience within the tattoo industry however it is possible to achieve within one day if you’re willing to commit to practise and understanding further anatomy to your procedures.

Permanent makeup procedure

from £750

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What will I learn during this course?

The course material contains the following information

Training prices: 1 day: £750, 2 days: £,100, 3 days: £1,500, 4 days (+1 free day – 5 days) £2,000

Included on the course:

  • Technical description of all the details of construction and implementation of the permanent make-up on the lips.
  • Using latex and learning different types of shading techniques with different configuration needles to build your confidence.
  • Construction of shapes and lines, considering all the features of the natural facial symmetry. Working with the portrait.
  • Detailed principles of execution of lines and density in certain areas to create a more fuller looking lip without filler.

You will learn:

  • Universal permanent Make up machine technique.
  • All the secrets of the ideal result consistent healing.
  • Elements that create visual realism.
  • Work on complex skin.
  • Twenty of the most common mistakes of a master when performing hair strokes techniques.
  • Technique for performing correction.

On the day of training please bring all your equipment that you would usually use on a procedure.

If you’re already experienced within hair stroke you can also opt for a 1 day or 2 day booking also. Please contact Sabrina about the prices regarding training.

There is a £200 booking fee upon booking which will be taken off of the course fee.

Please make sure you red our terms and conditions upon booking.

To enrol on to one of my courses please fill out the enrolment form in the Training Menu

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