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Microblading Troubleshoot

Microblading trouble shooting class for beginners.

This course is designed for those who have already completed an accredited microblading course and looking to advance their skills.

Troubleshooting class is a personally designed class for you to help you advance your skills whether that be theological or standard patterns to help you break into the industry a little more.

Upon completion of training, our communication does not break. You will have my number and I like to see the progress of my students work and how they can improve on their techniques.

Microblading training procedure

from £500

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What will I be learning?

The course material contains the following information

You have a choice over 1 or 2 days training.
£500 1 day. £900 2 days

For one days training the main practice will be pattern theory and watching a demonstration whilst practicing on latex and taking up the chance to have Sabrina watch a live procedure you perform.

For 2 days of training this will give you a chance to go through the theory, practice on latex, watch a demonstration and also have Sabrina watching you perform the procedure on a model and giving more specific information as to where and what you will need to do to improve. Depending upon your skill as well Sabrina will introduce you to the new nano blades.

On the day you will need to bring your full microblading kit that includes your blades, pigments and everything that you will use during a procedure.
The best blades to bring would be a 18 U Blade. Preferably 0.18mm.

It is your responsibility to bring your own model on the day, however if you cannot find one please let me know and I will do my best to source one. Although please be aware I will not be liable for the produce of a model.

There is a £200 booking fee upon booking which will be taken off of the course fee. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions upon booking. To enrol on to one of my courses please fill out the enrolment form in the Training Menu.

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