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3 Day Special Ultra Realism Masterclass

The 3 Day Special Ultra Realism Masterclass

Ultra-Realism is a complex pattern that has been designed by Sabrina Armour herself to have the option to have the most realistic effect possible when having eyebrow tattooing. There are many artistic aspects to this technique so does require experience within the tattoo industry however it is possible to have the 3-day special which will not only teach you to tattoo but will also include artistic techniques that you will be able to incorporate within your tattoo.


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What will I be learning?

The course material contains the following information

This technique specially developed to give you 100 percent perfect healed result. Universal and easy technique of hairs strokes arrangement. Allows even healing to retain the effect of natural hairs with the unique technology of shading, which adds realism to the final result. This technique is suitable for any type of the skin. Healed result looks excellent even on combination skin.

  • Technical description of all the details of construction and implementation of the permanent make-up of the eyebrows.
  • Using pen and paper to learn how to design the pattern before latex and skin and also whisp and feather off lines to enable you to create the finest linings.
  • Construction of shapes and lines, considering all the features of the natural facial symmetry. Working with the portrait.
  • The detailed work on the implementation of the hair; its bending, thickness, depth of pigment injection, the slope and speed of the machine handle.
  • Detailed principles of execution of hair weaves and creating different patterns of the hair technique. Principles of colour matching and work with different techniques to perform permanent makeup on eyebrow.
Ultra realism training results

On the day of training please bring all your equipment that you would usually use on a procedure.

If you’re already experienced within hair stroke you can also opt for a 1 day or 2 day booking also. Please contact Sabrina about the prices regarding training.

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